Easy sharing of screenshots

I like having ideas. Specially when I am a little unhappy on the daily job. I start dreaming how cool would be to have my own company (I will someday). And then I start thinking about what my company will do. Or what software it’ll make. Most of the time it is games, but recently I came up with this one.

Press Print Screen and the image is automatically uploaded to a web server. A tray notification message (a bubble) appears with two options: Copy the URL to the clipboard or edit the image. Editing the image would allow for really simple things to be added, like text, boxes and arrows.

Basically it’s a quick way to show someone what’s on your screen. While developing on the daily job sometimes I want: Show the user/costumer something and ask for feedback. Are the colors nice? The position of a piece of information? The size of the text?

Maybe even allow capture of movies (of my computer usage) and recording of audio (whatever I say on the mic).

Just that. One click sharing of what I am seeing.

The software could benefit from some more features, like user authentication so it’s possible to manage your uploaded screenshots, or to set up permissions. But the basic needs to be there: An URL for my screenshot, the quickest way possible. Eliminate the need to open an image editor, paste the image, save, go to a website, select the image, wait for upload.

Maybe whenever the image is displayed on the web server, show a couple ads…






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