Monthly Archives: January 2009

Web crawling services

The number of web apps that need to crawl the web in some form or another is so huge, and it’s becoming bigger everyday, that either I am the stupidest person on Earth and can’t Google properly or there’s none selling web crawling services. Folks, someone needs to do this. A metered service (like S3) […]

Wikipedia with just links

So I just read how Britannica is planning a new website version, mostly to “compete” with Wikipedia. Britannica’s CEO also talks about the relationship between Google’s results and Wikipedia’s pages. Anyway, one criticism is valid, sometimes Wikipedia articles are not the best source of information about a topic. And this is being written by someone […]

How the fuck is trim in Python?

HTFITIP is a website where you can see what a function from one language is called in another (or an implementation). The idea came to me after the eleventh time I asked myself, how the fuck is trim in Python? It’s called strip by the way. The website is very simple. On the front page, […]

Nanomachine regulation

Effective immediately 1) Nanomachine development requires a government license; 2) Nanomachines have a limited number of productions, which on expiration the nanomachine will self-destruct. Example: A tomato nanomachine will not be able to make more than XX tomatoes; 3) Hacking nanomachines is punishable by death. False acusations of nanomachine hacking equal 10 years in prison; […]